I have an idea….


Although we are not even halfway thought the month of May I have come up with  an idea for my May challenge. I had thought about it earlier in the year but it had fallen by the wayside.

I am cruising along on a the test knitting even though I am multitasking with  trying to spin as much fiber as I can get my hands on.  With a new kind of stash growing I have decided that  for the month of June it is all going to be about working with yarn and fiber that is on the main floor of my house. I think a “Stash busting it Down Downstairs” seem appropriate, Best of all if I make a dent it will make me less self conscious when I have non knitters over to my house.

some stash that I hope to say goodbye to
Some stash that I hope to say goodbye to

I suppose I should explain how I even have a stash of fiber downstairs. It started that it would be a holding area for projects that would be next up……(Yeah I suppose that is still partially true) but it has kind of bloomed in to something else entirely.

So for the remaining month of May and June I am going to do my best to work thought as many skeins, partials, and, batts and braids as possible.  As always I am going to make it a game and see how many skeins I can work through. There is a rough outline of what I can accomplish in this month and a half in my mind so it will be interesting if this  a struggle or a sprint:

  • Finish test knitting
  • Finish the One Big Granny Square Blanket by Churchmouse Yarns and TeasIMG_7342
  • Cedar Grove Shawl by Judy Marples
  • See how far the 1 skein of yarn gets me on Veera V. sweater
  • The sweater in question...
    The sweater in question…
  • Maybe cast on a some stuff I have already swatched
  • If desperate make another hat
  • If I really want to dig the bottom of the barrel pick up my Funky Grandpa by Rillie and figure out “why my stitch count went cuckoo for Cocopuffs”




2 thoughts on “I have an idea….

  1. You inspired me to organize and use of some of my small skeins but nothing finished yet. I am trying to make a few hats with small skeins. I have way to many little bits. Can’t wait to see what you complete. Ive cast on a few new project and easy one to take in car while hubby is driving and not spend to much time on rav.

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