Does this happen to you?

You are knitting along and reading the pattern and then…ROADBLOCK. You are positive that the issue is with the pattern and it isn’t you. You have read the pattern so clearly.

All of a sudden you start having excuses about the issues and are convinced that it is not you until you re-read the pattern and have an “Oh shit!” moment and ponder  on what is the next thing you should do.

This has happened a couple times over the last month. Some are related to a test knit and another one is just frankly “crappily” written. I am not going to make any excuses for the pattern nor put the designer on blast, but I feel a little received when I was telling a friend about this and she said ” I thought everyone knew that she was a shitty pattern writer”.  I do have to confess at least one of my mistakes  on this WIP is now a design feature.


A well written pattern by Dani Sunshine.... I am testing
A well written pattern by Dani Sunshine…. I am testing

The test knit is going smoothly.. I just needed to rest my brain a bit as it is a new construction method. It’s a relatively easy pattern but I just needed to put it on time out for about a day to give me the “Ah–ha moment!”



One thought on “Does this happen to you?

  1. I know what you are saying, because I have run in to this more than once, makes me think I nuts and not a very good knitter. Rip out try again but no same results so put that designer in my no more of hers.

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