Yarn Chicken……

Trying to WIP-out another hat
Trying to WIP-out another hat

I suppose it was inevitable that if I were going to make all these hats that I would have to have at least one “Yarn Chicken” episode. I mean that is my goal right to use up the the giant stash of yarn that is sitting upstairs, right?

Then why does my heart race everytime I see the ball of yarn get smaller. I have an ever growing amount of anxiety ¬†when I look at the yarn that I supposedly can knit up my Scrollwork. It doesn’t seem big enough to finish the hat, worsted weight yarn goes faster than a sock yarn. I think I might need to start saying affirmations outloud: ” You are trying to use up all of the yarn, and running short while not the goal actually helps you with this goal”

As I write this post I keep eyeing the small ball of yarn. I think it’s giving me the evil eye. One thing is for sure the only way I am going to find out if I will run out of yarn on this hat is if I try to finish it.

Here is hoping that I don’t have a panic attack trying to finish hat number #8!

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