Stashin’ down ain’t easy….

Okay you may think you know what I am going to say( that you think I am struggling not buying yarn), but I am taking this in a different direction. Do you know how much knitting it takes to use every last ounce of yarn? It is pretty ugly.  The spending money on yarn thing not a big deal… the knitting stash thing also not a big deal… but using every little bit of yarn … frustrating….

It should be simple right? Knit up quick projects and go through the left over yarn….you know the little egg shaped left overs you have from your one skein or colorwork project. Its never enough for something but just tends to take up a little space. Pretty soon you have a basket in the living room or air tight container in a closet full of these.  They reproduce like Tribbles and you find them all over the house.

So yeah, I’m am having a hard time to knitting my stash… I even have an example It took me 3 projects to knit up every last inch of a skein of navy worsted yarn.  I finally resorted to using the last bit for a pompom on a hat(not pictured) I am knitting for my “Mad Hatter” March challenge.IMG_6780


Safe to say that this stash down thing is going to take awhile….. What’s your favorite way to use scrap yarn?

One thought on “Stashin’ down ain’t easy….

  1. I have so many of those little scraps 2 baskets full most is sock yarn, not enough for anything really but to much to toss. So hence 2 baskets

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