Maybe it is a tip?

An unglamorous craptastic iPhone picture of my tip
An unglamorous craptastic iPhone picture of my tip

I honestly don’t know if anyone reads this blog.. I am always surprised when someone tells me they do, but I thought rather than rambling about my Mad Hatter March Challenge I would  share something I have learned about knitting when knitting colorwork patterns.

A lot of people don’t particularly enjoy weaving in ends when it comes to knitting  with multiple colors ( I know there are people out there that do, intact I have a friend who thinks it is kind of meditative). One option is to carry the yarn up the work (knitting in the round it is usually at the start/end of the round and when knitting flat on the right side). It can be nice not having to weave in ends, but it can also be complicated if you are working with more than one color. On Saudade I am knitting with  5 different colors and am knitting them off the wound skeins and I have decided to carry them up the inside of the hat and not cut the yarn… That’s not the tip…..

My tip (many of you probably know this already) is to keep the yarn on a “short leash.”  I liken the amount of yarn from the ball to the needle as a version of a leash. I tend to keep all the yarn very close to my body and where I am knitting so that the yarn doesn’t have room to tangle. It makes it easier to navigate and manipulate the different colors so you can reduce the amount of tangles.

Now it can be a pain to carry 5 balls of yarn.. so I am picky as to where I decide to knit colorwork when I carry the yarn up the work but it can also be pretty nice to have a way not to have to cut yarn weave in ends, and minimize tangles( That’s just my opinion for what it’s worth)

4 thoughts on “Maybe it is a tip?

  1. I read your blog and love it. Your tip is a great one. How do you not get the caring yarn up to tight? This seems to be a problem for me.

    1. Thanks Cassandra, I like to give it a little vertical tug before changing colors on a new round. It tends to give the piece the maximium amount of stretch that the piece will need. So when you block it you have already allowed for the piece to stretch vertically. I’ll try to take a inside picture and see if that helps.

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