I have picked up a few new tricks but not procrastinating is not one of them

So…. this month I have been busy making hats. At last count I have finished 9. It’s been going okay and I have had the opportunity to tinker and try a few things. The first is the alternating long tail cast on. I like it I can’t  believe I haven’t used it before and it was fun to learn worthing new. I also tried a new method for the tubular cast on.

My favorite way  is the one described in the Brooklyn Tweed patterns but it can be a little finicky     (ask me how I know); in my humble option it has the cleanest and prettiest edge. I have also tried doing Judy’s Magic cast on which can work well, but both have been kinda “meh” when I need to use it in the round. I have been trying one that I found from Knitty (Knitty’s cast on) and I really like it, it isn’t as clean as the Brooklyn Tweed one but it seems the easiest to work in the round (and you while you you still need provisional yarn there is no need for a crochet hook).

The other thing I picked up is not starting a cast on with a slip knot. I thought “What the heck? I’ll give it a go and see what happens.”  It turns out that I like what happens. It makes of a nice clean edge.


Okay now on  to the procrastination… one of the hats I picked apparently uses the brioche stitch and I don’t know how to do it but will have to learn how. I started the Craftsy class, stay tuned.

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