I had an epiphany.. and it wasn’t a good one

I have been stewing on this for a while. That sounds so ominous. It’s more a “I can’t believe it” type of moment.  I  didn’t have the “OMG!” moment earlier because of how I knit. Let me explain, normally when I am knitting I make something out of my queue or a test knit and I maybe move it to the gift pile but likely move it to my front closet. This is how I have amassed a nice collections of hats, mitts, shawls, wraps, and sweaters. This month’s hat challenge though has made me rethink this because I have had to look at the knitwear a different way.

There is a large pile of hats sitting on the coffee table of my living room. I think there might be about 9 hats in total. The other day I went through them in greater detail and sorted what would be “gifted” and “kept” it left me with the realization that  just a little over half of the items I have knit were going to be given away.   There it was I was confronted with the ugly truth that  I would keep 4 hats ( when you put 1 hat in your closet you kind of forget about it ( the “Set it and Forget it” mantra from that old infomercial) but when you have to find a place for 4 your mind bends a bit and you have a “WTF!” moment).

I have been knitting for roughly 6 years so there are plenty of hats in my closet…. the thought of adding another 4 kind of gives me a cold sweat (not literally); because it means bigger things, like “Where am I going to store all of the sweaters I have yarn for? “or ” Why the hell would anyone need that many sweaters?”

We all ask the question ” Who is  Knitworthy?” but I think the question should be what am I really going to do with the stuff if I actually knit everything up. I don’t subscribe to the “Art of Tidying” up philosophy, but this sudden epiphany has made me reevaluate why I knit and that I shouldn’t be caught up in  the amount of $’s or time spent knitting an item… because when it comes down to it…. There is just not enough room and likely with global warming not enough days during the calendar year where I could wear a sweater.

One thought on “I had an epiphany.. and it wasn’t a good one

  1. Oh my that is a scary epiphany. But can say you will knit and have gifts for all future Christmas. And have a few to wear before they are gifted.
    I have come to the conclusion that I will not wear all my knits as I live in Texas now, so I knit for myself and gifts. It also keeps my hands limber.

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