Sad but true…..

I made several modifications to the pattern. For details please see  Smyoo’s project page  on Ravelry

So this month I had decided to see how much of a dent I could make in some of my projects. You know the project the ones that  we convince ourselves we should not be monograms on because the project is going to take a longtime. You sneak in a few rows here and there…. and often times decide you need to cast something on, because the monotony of working on the big project which you know you will not finish is getting to you.

So imagine my surprise when I actually applied myself and discovered that I could complete a project. I not only completed one but as mind boggling as it is finished 2! Now I know I should be excited and I am… but what this really means is that if I actually focus on something and don’t get distracted, I can finish something…. I am a little horrified at this concept.

So it is with great pleasure that I get to move Bartlett in to the Completed category and have a couple mommy and me pictures.

Bartlett & Arlo
Bartlett & Arlo




Reimagining Top Down Sweaters by Elizabeth Doughtery


Work in Progress:

Sankaku by Olga Jazzy

Funky Grandpa by Rille

One Bourbon by Baby Cocktails



Bartlett by Michele Wang

Oonksi by Mrs Purple

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