Put a fork in it!


I finally finished my Cashmere Ombre Wrap by Purl Soho. I kinda can’t believe it. I think I might pinch myself to believe I am no longer knitting it. I have been working on the project since July and I had been projecting that I would finish around September( when my daughter starts Kindergarten).


Several of my friends thought I was crazy for taking this on. They are better knitters than I am but have no great interest in knitting 1600 yards of seed stitch in a sock weight yarn (even if it was in cashmere). Heck I am no sure I would not have signed up for it either until I tried it on when I visited Purl Soho last year. It was pretty perfect and surprising that pink was the color that seemed to best “pop” out of all the colors I tried. I need to explain. I am not really a “pink” person. It is a sheer coincidence that I am knitting two pink projects at the same time.


It has been something that has been on my needles for a longtime and to be honest I had fooled myself into thinking that I would work on it “a little bit here” and “a little bit there” in-between ¬†projects. I think you know what I mean where you tell yourself that you can “work in a couple of rows” here and there and that it is a long term project. Imagine my surprise that when I really applied myself I finished it on the 7th of February. I certainly made a bigger dent in the project than I thought possible.

It is with a surprised and sad realization that I can actually make a reasonable dent in my projects when I devote myself to something on my needles and don’t get distracted with the “latest” pattern or new yarn that comes to my house. ¬†So know I need to turn my attention to my Sankaku by Olga Jazzy or Bartlett by Michele Wang ( I was a little tipsy after watching the Superbowl and opted to knit on neither until I sobered up). I am tempted to work on both Sankaku is averaging about 2 hours a row (which is an improvement) and Bartlett is so close to being done. Decisions….Decisions…



Lemmy K by Isabell Kraemer

Winter’s Fern by Trin Annelie

Bounce by TinCan Knits



Work in Progress:

Sankaku by Olga Jazzy

Bartlett by Michele Wang

Funky Grandpa by Rille



Cashmere Ombre wrap by Purl Soho


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