A few things I’ve learned in the last month(non knitting related)

IMG_5058I  kinda had an epiphany when I was at Madrona Fiber Arts last month. I am actually an introvert.  It seems weird to say but I am going to own it “I am an introvert who is passionate about knitting.” My love and excitement about knitting makes me chatty, often gregarious at times but doesn’t make me an extravert.  I love seeing friends that  I don’t  get to see often (as evidenced by the number of fiber festivals I attend (I kind geek out about knitting)) and I don’t think that will change but I do think that I know now myself a little bit better.

When you live in a household where you are the chatty one it is easy to get mislabelled, but there it is the truth “I recharge best by myself.” As much as I love seeing my friends I tend to get drained a bit when there is a big group.  I was frankly surprised that by having  20 minutes to myself  I was completely recharged me for the rest of the day( so I cold hang out with more friends and geek out about all things fiber for the rest of the weekend)

I have also learned that friends can come out of the woodwork when you really need them to and least expect it… which means a lot.