So now what?



IMG_6166I probably didn’t say it but I am on a yarn diet. You would not know by telling from these pictures.  Look it is what it is and that yarn was bought in 2015. It was my last big purchase. I thought I might have some feelings about not getting any new yarn, but surprisingly not. I feel strong, and I want to try to knit down stash I haven’t seen for a while.

This month I have managed to knit with Spincycle, Sweetfiber, Fancy Tiger Crafts , and the Plucky Knitter. It has been a lot of fun learning what I like and what I really don’t. I have kind of a large challenge to knit down but I really feel up to it, so I think I will give it a go.



ZigZag Wings  by Lete

Buccaneer   by Lete

Fuego  by Lete

Meringue  by Lete

Sure by Olga Jazzy


Work in Progress:

Sankaku by Olga Jazzy

Bartlett by Michele Wang

Funky Grandpa by Rille

Cashmere Ombre wrap by Purl Soho



Secret test knit

Pure.Maine by Alicia Plummer


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