Self discovery

I didn't think this was a me project but it turns about I was completely wrong. I love it so much.
Between two ferns….LOL

I am having a blast with my current goal of trying new things. It has been pretty eye opening. All my knitting mojo that was lost last year is just pouring out of me. Knitting seems fun and freeing  again and I find I want to stay up until 2am in the morning to do it. I started the year with a goal to try something new, which for this month was to learn to embroider or as Tif Fussell would say make a “Woolly Tattoo”  on a knitted item. I joined the “Hatty New Year KAL” hosted by her and Spincycle Yarns. Spincycle Yarns has released a hat which takes one skein of their yarn and had recruited Tif to make ” How to Woolly Tattoo” videos for the KAL.

Well after making the Rosemaling Mitts I was excited to woolly tattoo more items but nervous to try creating something that was totally my own. I know I knit and do a little needlepoint, so I need to explain; most of everything I do is from a pattern (I adapt and may modify things a lot or a little).  The hat was an interesting departure because I thought what I wanted to do and free handed sketched the woolly tattoo.  The process was fun I learned a bit on negative space, scale and  apparently that I have some creativity (pretty mind-blowing for me). Since finishing the hat I have found myself sketching at work while I am on calls and thinking of idea I can add to my finished objects.

It’s extremely weird for me but also awesome because I am getting more comfortable with experimenting with creativity.


Farmhouse Flats by Hey Lady Hey

The Royal We by Andrea Rangel


Work In Progress:

Cashmere Ombre Wrap by Purl Soho

Bartlett by Michele Wang



Farmhouse Flats by Hey Lady Hey

Tilly Hat Spincycle Sisters

Rosemaling Mitts

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