I really try hard to not write anything negative. I can’t say I am always successful (there are a few posts I have marked as “private” because I think my venting doesn’t add any value. But in the case of some mittens I made for my daughter I decided I could share my story about one of my latest projects.  I had decided to make some mittens for my daughter and picked out a pattern to knit some stash yarn I had ( yes, I actually am knitting from stash).

The pattern is pretty crazy because it has sizing for a toddler, child and adult in addition to having different options for convertible mittens, fingerless mittens and mittens. I think this is a lot to do for a pattern and I admire the designer for trying  make something with so many options.

So my first attempt resulted in problems I have had to tear back a few times. I found the way the pattern was laid out a little busy. Once I read carefully I was on my way to having mittens for my daughter. Here’s the thing my daughter’s hands and an adult’s hands don’t have the same rate of increases. I think for a kids size the rate of increases should be much more aggressive.  I had my daughter try on the mittens and I think the term “highwater” mittens would be appropriate.

I plowed through them only to figure out there was a bit of an error on my part, which I later fixed.. but it doesn’t resolve the rate of increases for the thumb gusset on a small sized hand. My daughter needed a new pair of mittens. I don’t know that I will be keeping these or if they will be headed to the donation pile.

I have to disclose I did email the designer to share my constructive feedback.

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