YAY! I found it

My super soft Quadri hat. I love it and can't stop wearing it.
My super soft Quadri hat. I love it and can’t stop wearing it.

You know when you run  around the house frantically searching form something and at the end of the search if you can say “FOUND IT!” it is a total win? Sometimes its a sock in the sofa cushions or a t-shirt at the back of a closet.

I finally found my knitting mojo. It was in the unlikely form of the Quadri hat by Michele Wang. I knit it with Cachet by the Plucky Knitter and added a pompom I picked up in NYC.

I don’t know if it was knitting with cashmere, making something that is not a sweater, or getting to learn a cable that I have never done before, but it just brought me “joy”.

I have decided to keep on the “joy” of knitting training because I think I kind of got a little too in to ” I have to get this done” and “I should do this”. At the end of the day as long as I am not doing a test or a sample knit there is nothing that I need to race towards. I am going to just take my time and let my needles click and clack as they knit on whatever they want.

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