Trying new things

I have been experimenting. Lately a lot of things I have thought about doing have finally happened. I think I am knitting with the 3rd new yarn I haven’t knit with in a month. Heck, all three have been pulled from my stash. I have found some yarns I really like and others where I am “meh” ( Which for me means it will do in a pinch, but I have things I would rather knit with in my stash)

Burning Leaves in Plucky Cashmere
Stripes Esjan in Hedgehog Fibres and Superior

I knit a Striped Esjan by Stephen West  which I have been wanting to knit for a while( Totally out of my comfort zone on color choice and pattern, but since I got some positive feedback I  think I might have to try pushing my comfort zone again(still not totally sure I love the finished object)) and finished some Burning Leaves Mitts by the Plucky Knitter Design Team. Today I cast of for some Tinsel Mitts for my daughter. I don’t  know if it is mother’s guilt or the fact that our furnace broke this past week but I am thinking she needs something to keep her hands warm.

As is the challenge with every knitter I want to “knit all the things.” I need to finish my Bartlett and am plugging away on my Cashmere Ombre Wrap.  So I was a little supposed when the idea to knit a little Christmas themed diorama popped into to my head. I can’t get if out of my head. It’s stuck in there like a cheesey 80’s song. I need to finish the sweater and make some further progress on my wrap ( 50% complete!)


Too many. I think I need to update this at a later date


Work In Progress:

Tinsel Mitts by Andrea Mowery

Cashmere Ombre Wrap by Purl Soho

Bartlett By Michele Wang



Burning Leaves by the Plucky Knitter Design Team

Striped Eshan by Stephen West


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