Please point me in the direction of my mojo.

Bartlett_edited-1I should be ecstatic because I get to leave for Rhinebeck later this week, but I have just been so preoccupied with life. Kinda getting in the way of my knitting mojo. I’m focused on getting through the knitting literally one row at a time. I figure if I just keep going the mojo will come and the sweater will get finished.


One row at a time right?
One row at a time right?

I think I have come to peace that my needles are not going to blaze their way through my Bartlett. I  getting to the armhole shaping. In a way this sweater will be a Rhinebeck sweater because I will be taking it to New York to work on it.

I’ll keep plugging along on the sweater but if you see my knitting mojo will you please let me know? I miss it.

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