Next time I decide to book a red eye flight remind me not to do it. I stayed up really late trying to pack and get ready for the trip.  I think I am almost done, regardless I am not going to have a choice when I leave for the airport in a couple of hours. I have to admit mojo or not I am starting to get excited. Watching everyone’s Instagram feeds is really getting me going. Last year at this time I was “grumbling” about not going and actually booked my airplane ticket to Grand Rapids for the Plucky Shindig. and this year I GET TO GO TO RHINEBECK! Okay may I just went from meh!? to so excited. Can I just get to NYC already? Maybe I can even knit on the plane.

I don’t get to see the majority of my knitting friends a lot. We are what you would say geographically challenged. So bring it on! Let the festivities begin.

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