Gonna fly now ( not really)

A funny thing happened in my attempt to destash yarn today…. I found a pair of knitting needles I hadn’t seen for awhile.

I managed to post some destash on Rarely today (I totally need to do this more) and picked up a pair of knitting needles that seem to make me a more efficient knitter that the ones I was using on my Bartlett.  It feels good to knit faster or at least have the delusion that I am.

2 thoughts on “Gonna fly now ( not really)

  1. I need go to Rav and see what you are destashing, just might be something I need LOL.

    So needles do make us knit faster don’t they?

    1. LOL. Everytime I destash I think I need to do more of it. Its terrible. Its like picking children to put up for adoption:)

      Yes needles do make one faster.

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