This is going to sound wierd


Trying to get a moment of zen
Trying to get a moment of zen

After completing a project do you ever have that moment of  “What do I now?” I find it funny that this happens to me because after all if you look att my project page on Ravelry it has 4 WIPS on it.

I sometimes  rotate my knitting projects, but when deadline knitting comes up it can be full steam ahead on one project and there is often a weird sense of loss after its done. I guess it is like the  Work in Progress(WIP) grew up and went of to college as an Finished Object(FO).

So when I finished a recent knit I was hit with this weird lull. I even had to email friends to see if it was just me. I cast on Bartlett, but the tubular cast on is being a little temperamental so I will need to cast this on again. I am motivated.


  1. Finish Funky G aka Funky Grandpa
  2. Start Fine Tune
  3. Cast on Bartlett
  4. Maybe work on Cashmere Ombre Wrap

Oh I have been buying patterns lately too.  Plucktober is just around the corner and there are some really great designer discounts if you make your way over to the message board on Ravelry. I always tend to hit this up and sometimes it can get me in trouble:) I urge you to check it out.




One thought on “This is going to sound wierd

  1. I totally understand about the finish project syndrome. Once I finish something it takes me awhile to decide what do next,and like you said UFO’s waiting and lots of possibilities in queue and favorites.

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