Recovery mode. and recap


There have been some people posting on the Plucky Shindig, so I don’t know that I have much to add, other than I had a really fantastic time. It is really great when you can get together with friends that are on dramatically different time zones (Australia, UK, and the East Coast).  It is so hard to connect with one let alone all three at once. It is even harder to connect with Dr. Who and Flat Christine (inside joke for those who were on attending the event or saw it on Instagram).

The event was pretty fabulous too. I walked in the fashion show and even got a male escort to walk me down the runway ( I feel so special). Amazingly this is documented on the Plucky Knitter’s blog (it’s not terrible, but I should have sucked in just a bit more).  I also got to try a Moscow Mule, chat with Amy Miller and Michele Wang (they are very nice in addition to being very talented), squeeze in a couple of massages and do a lot of late night knitting.  If you want to know about the swag here’s the rundown.

Shindigger Swag ( I was wearing the shirt so it is not pictured)
Shindigger Swag ( I was wearing the shirt so it is not pictured)

The Swag bag was pretty amazing this year. To be honest I am going for the fashion show and hanging with friends but this year’s bag had items exclusive to the event so that makes it extra special (The skein of cashmere didn’t hurt either).

Attending the event also allowed me  to bust out my Hello Kitty Pajamas on the last night and chat up with people I have been PM’ing on Ravelry or texting all year. Eventually the party had to end, but I am not too sad because I am really lucky (extremely) and get to see a few of them next month in the NYC when I head out to Rhinebeck with a good friend of mine.


12 skeins of cashmere

2 of Trusty

4 OHWs

3 Sweater

Some patterns from the Fallback Collection

Work In Progress:

Funky Grandpa by Rillie

Cashmere Ombre Scarf by Purl Soho






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