Where do I go from here?

I really don’t know what to say. There are less than 2 weeks before Plucktober starts and I don’t know what projects I should be working on. I have some projects that I have been quietly working on, but I need to do some plotting. Since coming back from my retreat I haven’t worked on any Plucky projects. I did have some fun picking out a Ravatar today at lunch to celebrate Plucktober.

I could spend hours coming up with different versions. This one will have to do.
I could spend hours coming up with different versions. This one will have to do.

I suppose it is the whole coming back to reality thing; decompressing, plugging back in at work and home. I am kind of slow to get back to the day to day routine of life away from many of my friends who are spread near and far.  I suppose one benefit of knitting away from the craziness of a knitting retreat is that I probably won’t mobius and armhole in a sweater project.  Things are quiet here in Seattle, okay maybe I should just say quieter.

I think that the two projects I will likely go with are trying to finish my Funky Grandpa or “Funky G” as a good friends put it and picking up the needles to cast on for Joji’s “Fine Tune”. I have been wanting to cast on for that project since it came out in “Interpretations” last year, and when I saw it in person at a trunkshow I fell in love. Not only is it beautiful and different. It looks like a great way to use scrap yarn.

So I think that is it. I am decided on what I will be knitting. I am going to try not to go full throttle in to these as I have in past months (i.e a kid’s birthday to plan, Halloween and a little thing called Rhinebeck)

Until then happy knitting.

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