How much is too much?

I’m not talking about how much yarn I am planning to buy, but rather how much to pack. Literally next week a this time I will be at what some might call a “knitting convention” I like to call it a “girl’s weekend” (although my husband doesn’t consider it to be one).

I plan on bring a sweater I am working on but am wondering if I should bring more. Let’s be honest most people who might have a sock yarn sweater on the needles are not thinking ” I am really going to make a dent in this project” on a 4 day weekend with other knitters. Sure there is knitting that gets done, but there is a lot of talking, shopping and eating too(and more shopping). So I need to decide whether  or not I cast on something else. Maybe a mindless knit?

It looks like the Plucky Knitter and Brooklyn Tweed will be releasing collections soon so maybe I should keep my needles clear. Hmmm. What do do?

I also need to think of the clothing option. I am going to “own it” I actually went and got my hair done for the event. I am spending more time on maintenance for this event than I do in my normal life ( I don’t think I have had my hair colored since I had my daughter). I am not going to lie I think the hair thing is going to be a regular thing it is like someone is saying congratulations, “it’s your birthday next week and you now get to color your hair for the rest of your life.”

So maybe the packing I am doing is mostly the intangibles ( e.g hair color manicure, pedicure….) however I am sure If you say what I was checking in at the airport you would disagree with me.



One thought on “How much is too much?

  1. Congratulations on doing all the pampering for your self you are so worth it girl. Think of it as new project. I do these things and love the time call it is me time.

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