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Maya for MayaSo happy to finally be able to announce that my Maya sweater is off the needles. It was a test for Tweedysheep on Ravelry. A good friend of mine texted me when she became aware  of this test knit and told me I had to do it.  She was so  right, I  started to get exited  when I saw that the pattern and my daughter shared the same name. The pattern has  so many things I love in a sweater (aside from having the same name as my daughter), it has a beautiful twist pattern, is easily memorizable and is a quick knit.

If you haven’t done twists before I recommend this pattern as a good one to try Tweedysheep’s instructions are very clear and you do not need a cable needle to make the twists (you  don’t need one for twists, but just incase you are unfamiliar with them I thought it is good to mention).

The pattern is clearly written and my daughter has already declared she wants to wear it all the time. This is clearly a win win for everyone because I also got to use stash ( yes, that’s right I used existing stash on a project). I think I bought it last year.. but I can’t be sure. The yarn is by Lioness Knits and is oh so soft. It is a beautiful blend merino cashmere nylon blend at a dk weight. It was a really pleasure to knit with and my daughter who is a big sucker for soft loves it.



Work In Progress:

Cashmere Ombre by Purl Soho

Freshly Fallen by Amy Miller


Maya Sweater by Tweedysheep

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