Tempted to procrastinate some more

I only have one more WIP I have to get off the needles by my birthday…. unfortunately all I want to  to do is procrastinate. I did some mindless knitting on the Cashmere Ombre Wrap(which is not really ombre but more of a gradient), and well when I started knitting with something soft I don’t want it to end. I know it is kinda ridiculous how much I love cashmere,  but I just love it (If I could knit with cashmere all the time I would:).

Sorry, I got off topic…. (apparently I will do anything to procrastinate on my WIPS:)

So…. I  decided to put my big girl pants on this morning. I re-looked at the Freshly Fallen and Ob Li Da patterns  and picked up stitches to start the sleeves…Here goes nothing.


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