Keepin’ it Real

I probably won’t have a lot to say on the knitting for a while because I am preparing for the family vacation, the Plucky Knitter retreat, some test knitting, and Rhinebeck. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself (a bit), but I seriously I need to whip out projects. I think my daughter is fairly covered on the knitting front although overtime she sees me knitting she asks “Is that for you or me?” as if those are the only two alternatives.  She has a pretty fantastic sweater collection and too be honest if she didn’t insist to wear some of the sweaters when we ask her to put on a coat or hoodie I probably won’t be so gung-ho.

A rare occasion. My daughter's sweater  are picked up and folded
A rare occasion. My daughter’s sweater are picked up and folded

Well anyways, I thought  I would comment on something that has been on my mind a bit. There are a lot of people posting pictures about knitting.  I like pretty pictures, but to be honest most of the time I push crap from one side of the coffee table over to the other side to get a picture. Sometimes when I look at pictures on Instagram  it looks like there are a lot of the images that could have come from a Martha Stewart publication, and well while I appreciate the beauty of it, that just isn’t possible for me, at least with how my life is structured(at least for right now but likely not in the future either). Case in point … in the last pictures I posted of my daughter in her sweater… her hair was braided by the wonderful staff at her daycare (most of the time it is up in a ponytail or down in the style of  Princess Ariel or Princess Aurora (but not as pretty).

So in an effort to be true to myself I thought I would snap off a few shots that are reflective of  me (and while I am brave enough to show you these pictures, no one is getting to look at the mess on my dining room table, there are some places that no one needs to go:).

A still life of my real life

I don’t know if anyone reads what I post, but I do hope that if you do, I successfully communicate that I am not trying to knock how anyone creates, styles, edits, or beautifies their photos. I am sure that there are people who do really live a lifestyle reflective of what they photograph.  There are a lot of people who use these photography for business  purposes. I am just adding some background  on my amateur photos  and into what my life is like.


Well if my daughter is playing with her kitchenette, I might as well "temporarily" use it for my stash
Well if my daughter isn’t  playing with her kitchenette, I might as well “temporarily” use it for my stash

3 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Real

  1. I agree with you so much. My pictures are from my real world, look my stash on raverly. Not pretty but in there. So I appreciate you pictures anyway they are there. I love the ones of Maya so just my 2cents

    1. I am so going to check out your stash pictures:) I am sure they are perfect for what you need which makes them great. Its weird how we discount ourselves. I know I don’t see myself clearly.. its kinda like hearing yourself on voicemail. I sound so different than I think in my head.

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