I am not kidding…

I was able to knit a few rows  on my Cashmere Ombre Wrap today (I know I shouldn’t even be working on it..I have deadline knitting) and it occurred to me  how long this project will take to complete.

I have a little more than 1 out of 8 stripes completed. Since I picked this up in late May I think it took my 3 months to get this far ( okay, to be fair I also completed the body on my Freshly Fallen, knit 2 sweaters for my daughter, 2 wraps, and 4 hats).

So if I continue at this pace it will take me a year and a half to complete (Yes, thats right people my daughter will be in Kindergarten by the time this is done). I can’t worry about this now.. I need to just keep plugging along.




Soooo.. I might have joined Hedgehog Fibres Sock Club

An online photography class focused on knitting and crochet


Work In Progress:

Freshly Fallen by Amy Miller

Cashmere Ombre Wrap by Purl Soho





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