Deadline knitting

Maya (Testknit for Tweedysheep) and Freshly Fallen.. Tripping to whip out the WIPS

I need to get things off the needles…. I don’t know how I let myself get in this situation(actually I know exactly how I let myself get into this situation). I have 3 projects that I need to get off the needles(well I am down to 2, so that is some progress).

I thought I would have all the time in the world to finish a test knit sweater for Tweedy Sheep  (in actuality I do because the deadline is August 24th), finish the sleeves on my Freshly Fallen, and  complete my Quick Silver(YAY!!!! it is done.. minus weaving in the ends).

So I pretty much blinked and noticed that the month was August and I have about 21 days and change to get these projects out.  It must be kind of a sickness because I actually like deadline knitting. I guess if I were super athletic it would be reducing a minute of how fast I can run a mile.

I like the late nights, the lunch break knitting, and waking up early to finish the project… I enjoy testing my limits… but I think maybe next time I should pace myself to doing 1 deadline knitting project at a time (who am I kidding, I totally did this to myself when I knit 3 hats last month and procrastinated on my Freshly Fallen)..

Well gotta run I have a bunch of knitting I need to get to.



Work In Progress:

Freshly Fallen by Amy Miller

Maya (Test knit) by Tweedy Sheep

Ombre Cashmere Wrap by Purl Soho



QuickSilver by Melanie Berg… ( Yes, I am counting this as done because the knitting is done.. for any naysayers I am putting my hands over my ears and going “LALALA I can’t hear you.. my project is done….)


2 thoughts on “Deadline knitting

  1. Yes it is done good for you. But you are a bit of a dare devil I wish I had that spirit, but for now I will cheer you on go girl👏🏼

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