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Hedgehogs chilling at Purl Soho
Hedgehogs chilling at Purl Soho

In the NYC I had the opportunity to visit several yarn stores with some of my girlfriends. It was cool to see place I have read or seen online, but my favorite thing was just hanging out and kitting with my friends. Since we live in a digital era a lot of the people we feel connected to are not geographically close so the trip was especially meaningful to me…

So here we go first stop HABU ( not pictured) It was nice, but as most of the yarn stores are it was tiny.. Okay it is tiny even by NY standards. I think we could only fit 3 people in there at a time. The place is in an office building and you have to be buzzed into the space.IMG_3057

Next stop is Purl Soho. My friend Julie mentioned that nothing in SOHO opens before 11 and she is right. It is a weird concept for someone from the west coast. The easiest way I can describe it is that this areas is operating like it is Sunday morning. They start out slow. The store is beautiful. It is a smaller store (remember I hail from the west coast where space is not as much of a premium) so it is narrow but very deep, it looks very much like the photographs on the website. It was a real kick to see the samples that have been featured on the Purl Bee, and of course I needed to model some of them.


Everything was so pretty
samples from the Purl Soho

I also stopped by Knitty City and Annie & Company NeedlePoint and Knitting. These stores are both located ┬áin Uptown and have nice assortments of yarn. I bought stuff I can’t find at home at these stores. Notions from Annie’s and Koigu, Julie Asslien, and accessories of my Knitters Keep ( particularly excited about this).

Annie’s is a sweet shop and it is big both by NYC standards and mine. If I could have hung out all day at a LYS this is where you would found me. This place feels like a community.

Knitty City is great too.. and is so NYC. It is jam packed with a lot of indie dyers, the space is small, and the people are kind.


OH and the other thing, apparently there is no sales tax on yarn in the city:)