Off the Deepend



The beach at the TWA Memorial on Fire IslandIf you follow me on Instagram (@Smyoo_ )you know I have been living it up in NYC for the past week ( more on that later). To say it was amazing would be an understatement.  I am dealing  with trying to reacclimatize to being at home. I spent the day at the zoo and I can’t count the times I said” Do I need to to count?” or ” Your not listening.”

Maybe that’s what I went a little nuts today when there was an update offered by the Plucky Knitter.  I didn’t just fall in to the deep end of the pool I  high dived in to the update in a big way. I think I am back to reality now, but I did take this as an opportunity to give reality the middle finger and enjoy my last few hours of freedom before I have to return to work.


3 skeins of Plucky Cashmere in Vintage Icebox

3 skeins of Plucky Cashmere in Ogre

4 skeins of Plucky Cashmere in Bauble

5 skeins of Plucky Cashmere in Tophat

2 skeins of Plucky Cashmere in Tiny Bubbles

3 skeins of Plucky  Aran Cashmere in Modern Vintage

3 skeins of Plucky Primo Fingering in Morticia

1 skein of Plucky Primo Fingering in Cider Mill

Work in Progress:

Freshly Fallen by Amy Miller

Arlo  by Michel Wang

“Goodnight Moon” Needlepoint








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