and now we interrupt this program for some finished objects…

Yes it happened. I finished my first adult sweater of 2015. I also have whipped out a sweater for my daughter and a hat. Two out of the three patterns were born out of needing a change of pace from working on adult sweaters.

Varia by Alex Tinsely
Old Growth by Tincan Knits


I am most excited about the Hazelwood Sweater. While making it did feel like my fingers were at the spa( it was done entirely in cashmere). It is the best fitting sweater I have made. I took a look at my latest custom fit measurements and the schematic in the pattern. I was able to figure out adjustments that were needed.. the biggest thing that gave me a bit of anxiety was the understanding that a raglan constructions would not give me  an armhole depth that was too big for my chest measurement. So I contacted the shop, emailed the designer and even posted a couple questions before I decided to give the pattern a go.. the end result is something I am very happy with.

Shaping on the Hazelwood Sweater






2 thoughts on “and now we interrupt this program for some finished objects…

  1. Stephanie,

    The adult sweater is perfect looks like it is store bought fits you to a tee. Great Job!

    The little Miss sweater is so very cute fits her great.

    1. Thanks so much Cassandra. I am very happy she will wear it.. and I can’t wait for fall to wear it:)

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