The line up…

Mockingjay in Tosh Sock purchased at Happyknits during the Joji and Veera Knit America event

All I want to do is procrastinate. I have even have wound the yarn.. I am thinking a Boxy by Joji and Alro by Michelle Wang. I really need to finish the sleeves on my Acorn Trail first. I am determined. I did have a little break and decided to knit a hat.. I used to have Varia by Alex Tinsley queued for a long time…… but even though I have deleted front he queue I decided to whip it out using some scrap cashmere yarn I had laying around.  I guess this is to make up for a friend at Stitches South picking me up a couple skeins of Plucky Primo Fingering in Rhinestone Cowboy (An exclusive color way for the event). Falling off the yarn wagon isn’t grey but I am not goiign to give myself a hard time about it. It was only 2 skeins,

Lollipop Guild in Scholar for an Arlo by Michele Wang
The Lo Los waiting for me to finish some more sweaters:)



Caryon Hat

Fly swatter

Hazey Morn

Picnic Time



Marco Polo

Thirty Seven

Home & Away ebook


Gather Together

2 skeins of Rhinestone Cowboy in Plucky Primo Fingering


Work In Progress:

Freshly Fallen by Am Miller

Acorn Trail Customfit by Amy Herzog



Hazelwood Sweater by Shannon Squire

Varia by Alex Tinsely