Too much of a good thing?

I recently cast on another project as knitting my cashmere cardigan (aka Hazelwood Sweater) is taking awhile. Last month I posted about wanting to knit something for my daughter. This gave me the perfect opportunity to  give  into my mother’s guilt. I cast on Old Growth by Tincan Knits. I am using a heavier weight yarn(Plucky Knitters Primo Aran) and reaping the satisfaction of watching the project progress very quickly.

Which leads me to my question of “too much of a good thing?” It was just a couple of months ago when I had yarn on every flat surface of my living room. I decided to organize and move these to a central location. A few skeins were left downstairs in my living room, the yarn for my daughter’s new sweater being one of them. I have almost worked through the 1st of the 3 skeins and set out in search of the other 2 skeins… The trouble is I couldn’t find it. I did manage to track down 1 of the remaining 2 but the last one is MIA. I was hopeful that working through stash would make it easier to find and sort through my stash ( you know less to look at it) I know that will actually happen, but 1st I need for track down that last skein of yarn for my daughters new sweater:)



Orla Mittens

Aisling Leteknits

Carly Leteknits

Masgot Leteknits

Linia Leteknits

Catherine Glenna C

Scottish Barley Cabinfour

Cognac  Babycocktails

Sinapore Sling  Babycocktails

Green Iguana Mitts Babycocktails



Work In Progress:

Acorn Trail Customfit Amy Herzog

Hazelwood Sweater Shannon Squire

Old Growth Tincan Knits




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