A tour of Bainbridge with a side of Churchmouse Yarns and Teas


The weather has been uncharacteristically warm in the Pacific Northwest this year, so a day trip to Bainbridge island with the family seemed go be in order. I know I am lucky to be in a city with so many LYS’ and to have Churchmouse Yarns and Teas as one of them is really nice. I will talk about my trip to the shop but this time I wanted to focus on the island more.  I think Bainbridge is a pretty special place. This trip we took last weekend was great because it was less focused on shopping and more on exploring other areas of the island we haven’t seen.

There are so many great places to eat while we packed some food for our trip I was able to pick up some shop and one of my favorite cafe’s Fork and Spoon which is just a couple of doors down from Churchmouse.



I have been staying away from bread  but the Blackbird Bakery is not to be missed if you are visiting the island. Just remember to bring cash or a check because they don’t take credit or debit ( there is a bank of America ATM across the street if you need to pick up some cash) and if you get to the island early I think a trip to the Streamliner Diner is a good choice too ( a local breakfast place).


It was great getting to spend some time with the family  and see the island in a different way. We had a picnic on a bench near the waterfront, beachcomber, did some urban hiking along the waterfront trail and grabbed some amazing iceream at Mora Mora.


It was low tide and we go to explore what is normally  underwater.
It was low tide and we go to explore what is normally underwater.

IMG_1366 IMG_1386

Oh yeah I stopped in the shop and chat with some of the Churchmice too. The store is especially beautiful the with the spring colors and lighter weight yarns for the new season.  I especially liked this version of the Churchmouse poncho which uses yarn held double ( I think it is Cima with Twig, but my memory isn’t so good on this, what is clear is how much I liked it.).


A spring/ summer version of Churchmouse's poncho
A spring/ summer version of Churchmouse’s poncho


The little must haves that I picked up were a monogram embroidery kit and some tea (WOOT WOOT still going strong on my yarn diet!).

All in all it was a perfect day. Plus I finished my new test knit for Miyoko Cancro. It is called “Spring in the Air” it is a really sweet cowl,



Monogram Embroidery kit from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Oolong and Darjeeling Teas from Churchmouse Yarns and  Teas


Work In Progress:

Acorn Trail Customfit Amy Herzog

Hazelwood Sweater Shannon Squire



Spring in the Air Miyoko Cancro




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