PDX or bust!

I am so excited. This weekend I am headed down to Portland, Oregon on a road trip with one of my friends. I will be taking a  couple of classes at Happy Knits with Joji. I also am going to check out their Interpretations 2 trunk show. The show features Joji and Veera’s latest designs.  I am excited to see the sample knits in person. I also might get to finally meet one of my Ravelry friends who is also going to be at the meet and greet on Friday night.

Needless to say I am excited for a weekend of yarn and friendship. I have been debating on what to bring on the trip. I am lucky because normally when I travel(which is rare) I am the passenger and get to int while my husband drives. This time I am driving, so it makes me a bit versus on what projects I should bring for the trip. I am hoping I am going to get some good knitting time in this weekend, because I signed my self up for a new test knit. I am really excited about it. the design and the yarn I picked are oh so awesome (more to come on this in another post).

I am still slogging along on the Ashby, but I can’t lie I find the new test knit pattern kind of addicting to knit.


A  yarn bowl

No yarn (although some of the preorder yarn I reported on earlier did arrive at the house)


Works in Progress:

Ashby by BrooklynTweed

Gideon (Test knit) by Melissa Schaschwary

Acorn Trail Customfit by Amy Herzog




2 thoughts on “PDX or bust!

  1. Off to check out these patterns on RAV. I signed up to get measured for a Custom Fit at Stitches West, I hope I get an appointment. Have fun on your yarncation!!

    1. I hope you get an appointment. I found it was really helpful.There are several of ladies in my knitting group that have knit at least 1 Custom Fit. One person has knit at least 3.

      PS I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Stitches. It sounds fun. Is it your first time?

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