Madrona… a mini yarncation


The haul...
The haul…

I live about an hour from a city called Tacoma. Every February  fiber lovers descend on the Hotel Murano to take classes and catch up with friends at the Madrona Fiber Festival. While it runs  several days  I only was able to swing a day trip to the event. I felt extremely guilty because the day I was able to attend was on Valentine’s day and it was the weekend following my trip to Portland ( I celebrated with an amazing dinner with the Hubby the night before). I loaded up the car with some destash to give my friend (who had traveled down from Canada) and headed south towards Tacoma.  I had no expectations other than meeting yo with friends.  I explored the marketplace, which is different than any other market place I have seen before. While they have yarns the primary focus is on fiber so many of the yarn vendors have fiber braids that they are selling, spinning equipment or yarns that are breed specific (they have plenty of tother stuff too!!). The market place is free which was nice as the last few marketplaces I have attended have charged a fee.


It was a nice trip with vendors traveling from all over the country to attend. Oh yeah there is knitteratti too. If you geek out on famous knitters than this is the place for you ( I literally almost ran in to Lucy Neatby and the Yarn Harlot when I was entering the marketplace. This is not the reason why I attended though so I didn’t even glance twice and kept on walking to see what the marketplace had to offer.  I checked out the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Booth, the latest Wool People trunk show was on display and it was nice to look at the garments up close and check  out their constuction.

The Wool People 8 Truck Show at the Churchmouse Yarns and Tea’s booth




detailing on a sample from the Wool People 8 trunk show



I also checked out these cute little notion dishes that are made locally. I had to pick a couple of them up.  I can’t decide if I am going to keep them or gift one. They would make a lovely gift.


One of the Charan Sachar dishes I purchased from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.
One of the Charan Sachar dishes I purchased from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

I stopped by The Fiber Gallery’s booth and saw some beautiful skeins of Hazel Knits. I love how saturated with color her skeins are, and her yarn is beautiful too. The Fiber Gallery always has a nice selection of Hazel Knits.

Supersized Hazel Knits skeins at the Fiber Gallery booth


I also stopped by to see a Rav friend of mine who is vending, Amy Lee. She  is based out of Portland and has a wonderful assortment of yarns. She is pretty well known for her self striping yarn. I was surprised to learn she not only does self striping sock yarn but she does, DK Aran, and worsted weight as well. I had to pick some up to make my daughter a pair of mittens  (I showed her the yarn today which has sparkles in it and she smiled). I also was really excited to see that she had some self striping minis. I picked up a few of these and will put them in mittens or a scarp blanket at some point.

IMG_0861 IMG_0860

So while I picked up a few skeins here and there  at Sincere Sheep and Northwest Handspun, my new discovery was Catherine Lowe Couture. At first when you see the booth you are not certain what is gaining on. they have a garment rack, and some boxes. But on further examination I saw the shawl the designer was wearing and asked about it. She takes piled or lighter weight yarns and  winds them together treating a new fabric. Her yarns and fibers are nice and really luxurious. I had to pick up one of the kits.

Me, getting wrapped up in the Catherine Lowe Couture wrap
Catherine Lowe Couture Merino#5

the pictures may tell a story of a successful shopping trip, but while it is easy to document shopping, it is a little bit harder to document the 5 hours of getting together with friends that occurred on this yarncation(when you are the photographer):)


Body Warp Kit by Catherine Lowe Couture

Merino #5 Black by Catherine Lowe Couture

Merino #5 Cream by Catherine Lowe Couture

Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted in Aegean

3 skeins of self striping Cannon Hand Dyes in various heavier weights

2 assorted mini self striping samplers from Cannon Hand Dyes

2 little knit ceramic dishes by Charan Sachar from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Debauchery by Spincycle yarns in Sloth

Merchant and Mills Notion Kit


Work In Progress:


Acorn Trail








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