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Let’s talk WIPS and I’m not talking  the ones that would be used in  50 Shades of Gray, I’m talking about the pile of partially knitted items that are sitting on some flat surface in my house. It seems like they will never be done, I know they have to be done sometime but that’s really the problem isn’t it. When will they get finished? I can’t predict it, maybe I need a Magic 8 ball, so I could ask it I will have a new sweater and the new shawl.


A twofer! My Ashby and my AcornTrail
A twofer! My Ashby and my AcornTrail

I am trying to work on my Ashby and my AcornTrail and get them off the needles as fast as I can, The problem is they just are extremely slow going. Sometimes it’s not even the knitting portion that is slow going like on my AcornTrail I stopped and blocked all the pieces so I can see them together more easily and I can also pick up the stitches more easily for the buttonband.

Maybe it’s the fact that I get so easily distracted. That feature on Ravelry which shows patterns what patterns it thinks you might like is similar to showing  crack  to an addict. There are so many things I want to to knit. Everyday you see  suggestions on what  pretty colorful oems you could knit up. This is way more exciting than looking at my yarn covered living room and deciding which of my WIPs to pick up.

I’m actually making good progress now on my Ashby. I reached the mindless portion of the project. You know the part of the knitting projects where you can just “phone it in” you follow the directions once and repeat it’s like rinse cycle on the washing machine “Rinse repeat. Rinse repeat”  this is my favorite kind  of knitting. I really enjoy a good mindless knit it. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

But as much as it is one of my guilty pleasures I got sidelined by my biggest guilty pleasure, a quick knit. I just finished at hat that was designed by Julie Hoover. I bought the pattern in Portland at Knit Purl, and knit it up in one day. I should say that I don’t normally knit things up in one day, there are caveats to the situation I was sick, it was an easy pattern, and most importantly I got to make the smallest size


This is like wearing a cloud:) Easily the most decadent thing I have ever knit
This is like wearing a cloud:) Easily the most decadent thing I have ever knit




Work in Progress:


Acorn trail

Happy Legs( on hiatus)




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