Put a Pom Pom on it…..

Fluffy wonderful pom pons from TOFT
Fluffy wonderful pom pons from TOFT

Have you seen these Alpaca Pom Poms from TOFT out of the UK? (www.toftalpacashop.co.uk) Simply put…”I am obsessed.” I want to put one of everything. I want to buy more. It makes me want to knit nothing but hats ( more on why I can’t do that later).

I first saw these when I knit Fiona Alice’s hat “Take Heart” from POM POM Quarterly’s Issue #7 ( My favorite issue) and I was enamored of them. Fast forward to a year later when I finally figured out a place to buy them and I have a nice little assortment.

I was very happy to hear that no animals are harmed with the specific purpose to make the pom poms, rather the utilize animals that have passed from natural causes.

I have a tiny sense of guilt in announcing my latest purchases. I am still debating whether to post what I have bought or what has arrived on my doorstop (Please chime in!! I am so conflicted).

2 skeins of Trailing Cloud in ”Mind the Gap”(self striping sock yarn)
1 skein of Trailing Cloud in “Demeter” (self striping sock yarn)
Plucky Oxford:
2 in ”Highlighter”
1 in ”Thank You Note”
1 in ”Lake Placid”
1 in ”Left Coast”
1 in ”Icy Audrey”
1 in ”Think Pink! ”
Plucky Primo Fingering
2 in Left Coast”
Plucky Snug
1 in ”Left Coast”
2 in ”Modern Vintage”
Plucky Sophisticate
3 in ”Flannel”

Work In Progress:
Sunshine Day Afghan
Acorn Trail CustomFit


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