40 lbs. out 10 lbs. in……

misc. stash
misc. stash

I’ve become a little more aware about how much and often I buy fiber related goodies.  At first I thought documenting the acquisitions which I thought would be fun and light hearted has caused me to take stock in of all  the pretty soft yarn that I have added to my stash( some might feel this is actually a good thing because my old house has no insulation, this is way cheaper than insulating my house), but the biggest  WTF moment came when I realized of the fourty pounds I have lost recently, a quarter of that amount,  will be added to my household (that’s right people 10 lbs. of yarn).

I remember when I first took stock of by how much yarn I had…. I sat down at the table with knitters and told them(drum roll, please…….) “I have 60 different color ways of yarn, and my stash was out of control!” They all proceeded to giggle and knowgly smile and say “that’s not too bad.”

Now I know what they are talking about;).

and.. more stash…



  1. Pre order Crossroads Self-striping sock from Vesper socks

Works In Progress:

  1. Ashby by Brooklyn Tweed
  2. Sunshine Day Baby Afghan
  3. North Port by Amy Miller *New*
  4. Acorn Trail Customfit by Amy Herzog



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